Tamanawas Falls

September 5th, 2011



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Joanne saw a picture of these falls last November, and we have been planning on the 4 mile hike ever since.  We finally got around to finding the trail - and was it ever worth it.  The trail up Cold Spring Creek was gorgeous and the water falls spectacular!  The water flow for September seemed unexpectedly high but we agreed that we should visit again in the spring to check out the falls when the flow is highest.

From Tamanawas Falls - Hiking in Portland, Oregon and Washington :

  1. Tamanawas Falls forms a broad curtain where Cold Spring Creek thunders over a 150’ lava cliff near the eastern base of Mount Hood. This hike along scenic Cold Spring Creek to the falls has been a traditional trek for families, and is especially scenic in autumn, when cottonwood, Douglas and vine maple and western larch light up the forest in reds and golds. Tamanawas is Chinook Jargon for "spirit" or "spiritual guidance".

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